Peerless Trailers Construction and Manufacturing

Each trailer is built to rigorous construction standards that offer a combination of lightweight materials and an aerodynamic design that helps to reduce fuel costs while traveling. Multiple door seals help to ensure that the doors will remain locked when intended to be so and avoid costly spills, while interior sensors help to ensure that the trailers are not loaded past their recommended capacity.

These sensors also act as a safety device to help keep tabs on the current load of the trailer and ensure that no spills are occurring. Each Peerless trailer has its own unique features, depending on what it will be used for. Commodity trailers are designed to ensure that the materials inside of them are kept as safe as possible, while chip and refuse trailers are built to contain.

All trailers are manufactured for quick unloading and, as necessary, have various pumps and additional components attached. Side hinges are available on some trailer models and may provide a better option than standard hinges, depending on existing ability to load and unload the vehicle.

Some trailers also come with a dropped center option, allowing for additional hauling capacity without extending the length of the vehicle. Particular attention has been given to the design of the dropped area in order to help ensure that the bottom of the vehicle does not open during travel and discard the contents of the trailer itself.

Peerless trailers is also proud to offer a selection of dumpers and bins for more efficient unloading and storage of all materials. Each of these devices is built to extremely durable and rigorous standards in order to keep up with even the heaviest cargo.


Peerless trailers are primarily constructed from aluminum in order to reduce their weight as much as possible. To compensate, the trailers are constructed using various I-beams and interiors posts to help ensure that the trailer is as durable as possible and can handle loads up to the posted capacity.

This combination of durability and weight reduction allows for trailers that are capable of all the advantages and cost-savings of lightweight design while retaining much of the sturdiness of heavier materials. This allows Peerless trailers to be safely used with Dumpers and other large loading and unloading devices that might otherwise be too rough for the trailers to deal with.


While Peerless trailers are designed to be durable, all trailers need occasional maintenance and cleaning to ensure that they continue to function as intended. The interior designs of Peerless trailers are intended to be cleaned as quickly and efficiently as possible, especially when the trailer is hauling commodities that need to be kept as clean as possible.

This also means that the trailers can be returned to service as quickly as possible when time between hauls is an important consideration. Some models may have more specific maintenance requirements; instructions for service and maintenance of these models is available at all times to customers.

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